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Six steps for Difficult Conversations workshop  

Using the principles of 'Giving Voice to Values'

- Develop your capacity to speak up, and more confidently navigate difficult conversations -

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Join us at the Six Steps for Difficult Conversations workshop and embark on a transformative journey toward confidently expressing and acting upon your values at work.

In this hands-on workshop, you will be:

  • Developing practical skills and being prepared for values-based conversations.

  • Overcoming barriers to speaking up and becoming comfortable with values-based discussions.

  • Building a great workplace culture by modelling values-based behaviour.  

  • Improving employees’ sense of inclusion, boosting satisfaction and retention.

  • Avoiding dysfunctional workplaces and the long-term costs of not speaking up.

  • Improving psychosocial safety and the ability to bring one’s whole self to work.

Don’t let obstacles hold you back from voicing what matters to you.



Facilitated by the committed and experienced leaders at Fervid Partners,

this workshop helps people at every level of your organisation develop their capacity to speak up, and confidently navigate difficult conversations.

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Informed by the internationally-renowned research of Dr Mary Gentile, and tailored by Fervid Partners to meet the needs of your organisation, this workshop will take you through six basic steps for building skills for difficult conversations.

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