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Harness the urgent need to train managers in the workplace for profound wellbeing, and have the lasting impact of successful and high performing teams.

Business People Applauding
“What sets this program apart from other contemporary leadership courses is the emphasis and insights on the messy, but real, human element of working and leading in today's dynamic work environments. This, combined with access to academic, evidenced-based resources that I've been able to immediately apply in the workplace.”

Steph Brake, Health Program Lead, Primary Health Tasmania, on Fervid Partners Psychodynamic Principles Program 2023

In this era of massive transformation, training and development has a new mandate to adapt and modernise.


We need to answer employees’ calls for growth and purpose, and as they are grappling with the urgent challenges.

As highly experienced executive and academic staff we use robust, international peer-reviewed research in psychology, neuroscience of stress, philosophy and organisational studies, to unlock the underlying conditions that drive commitment, cooperation, innovation and high performance.

Workplace training programs

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"This is fundamental in our modern workplace environment, but even more important, is the ability to apply the theory - and the ongoing support offered by Fervid Partners is there to ensure this is done successfully and considerately."

Nicole Lucas, Manager, on Fervid Partners Psychodynamic Principles Program 2023.

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