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Looking for real management training?

Discover how to successfully manage wellbeing & psychosocial safety

and build high performance.

Unique leadership development, philosophy and psychology in pratice.


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Program Now Open!
18 Oct, 1 & 15 Nov 2023

See below for scholarships

You'll learn about how working impacts people and develop practical tools & strategies for your workplace.

Scholarships Now Open!

A limited number of full-fee scholarships are available to eligible applicants who wish to complete training under the Applied Psychodynamic Principles Program held in Launceston on 18 Oct, 1 & Nov 2023 valued at $2,290.

Categories of scholarships currently available:

  1. Indigenous: for an employed Aboriginal or Torres Straight Islander living in Tasmania

  2. Migrant: for an employed person who arrived in Australia within the last 5 years

  3. Not-for-profit: for a staff member of a registered Tasmanian non-profit, non-government organisation

  4. Local Government: for a staff member of a Tasmanian local council (elected officials are not eligible)

  5. Startup: for a member of a Tasmanian start-up organisation that aims at social benefit 


Find out more about the opportunity HERE

Download the program brochure HERE


create dynamic insight for your future

Develop yourself & your team to experience unimagined success 

Create relatedness, foster innovation & engage real potential 
Generate lasting psychosocial safety, wellbeing and fulfilment in work
Management consultant training

Thrive in a new era of management success!

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