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Looking for real management training?

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Contemporary leadership development, philosophy & psychology in practice.

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“What sets this program apart from other contemporary leadership courses is the emphasis and insights on the messy, but real, human element of working and leading in today's dynamic work environments."

Steph Brake, Health Program Lead, Primary Health Tasmania.

New workplace program in 2024!

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Discover how to successfully manage wellbeing & psychosocial safety

and build high performance

Our contemporary approach

Creating psychosocially safe environments in which everyone can feel in tune with themselves and at home in their work


improve the quality of relationships

build trust and cooperation

energise and motivate staff

improve the quality of decisions

generate innovation

reduce workplace dysfunction


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New workshop now available!

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Do you have a current management challenge?

We provide free 30 minute phone consultation.

Fervid Partners offers a free initial 30 minute phone consultation. During this consultation we can talk to you about how we would use psychodynamic principles and/or coaching to respond to a workplace problem or goal you may have. We can also provide some preliminary advice about steps you could take to start to address your problem or work toward your goal.

Simply select Request a Call below and include a brief description of the issue you would like to discuss. We will contact you shortly afterwards to make a time that works for you to speak with us.

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Develop yourself & your team to experience unimagined success 

Create relatedness, foster innovation & engage real potential 
Generate lasting psychosocial safety, wellbeing and fulfilment in work
Working Together

Addressing your modern needs

Applied psychodynamic principles in the workplace is fundamental to a new era of improved wellbeing and high performance 


Contemporary and unique

Understand the psychodynamic practices and apply key principles in the workplace to improve relationships, productivity & well-being.


Internationally renowned

Utilise key concepts from philosophy, management experience and neuroscience that under pin human interactions and drive cooperative deliberation.


Discovery of unlimited capacity

Explore and uncover your real potential, unlock high performance,and build lasting well-being.


Creating collective safety

Embed lasting cooperative processes that are reflective, recognitive, respectful and deliberative.


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If you're looking for new ways to generate exceptional results for yourself and your organisation contact us now!


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