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Create more success & empower development for your teams and yourself

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Do you have a current management challenge?

We provide free 30 minute phone support.

Fervid Partners offers a free initial 30 minute phone consultation. During this consultation we can talk to you about how we would use psychodynamic principles and/or coaching to respond to a workplace problem or goal you may have.


We can also provide some preliminary advice about steps you could take to start to address your problem or work toward your goal.

Simply select Request a Call below and include a brief description of the issue you would like to discuss.

We will contact you shortly afterwards to make a time that works for you to speak with us.

Listen to our audio series on the psychodynamics of work

Hear from Fervid Partners co-founder & Education Partner, Kim Atkins on the value and importance of understanding and applying the principles of the psychodynamics of work for yourself and your workplace to have fulfilment, wellbeing and success.

Introduction to the psychodynamics of work 
Introduction to the psychodynamics of workKim Atkins, Education Partner, Fervid Partners
00:00 / 05:12
1- Understanding practical intelligence in working
1 - Understanding practical intelligence in workingKim Atkins, Education Partner, Fervid Partners
00:00 / 17:54
2- Workplace obstacles to practical intelligence 
2 - Workplace obstacles to practical intelligenceKim Atkins, Education Partner, Fervid Partners
00:00 / 18:45
3- Understanding defensive strategies in working
3 - Understanding defensive strategies in workingKim Atkins, Education Partner, Fervid Partners
00:00 / 18:49
4- Containment and Collective Deliberation
4 - Containment and Collective DeliberationKim Atkins, Education Partner, Fervid Partners
00:00 / 18:30

Free downloads

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Expand your perspective of self, of work and of social dimensions.

Create new levels of experience and understanding.

Generate yourself as someone who has more fulfilment, wellbeing and success in work.

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Discern the areas of work and life you would like to grow and develop in. Look beyond the current expectations and predicable processes.

Follow the coaching dialogues and best practices for  assessment in this workbook so you can set your development intentions for the coming year.

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Watch our video resources

What is collective deliberation?
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All Videos

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