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Have your passion be your contribution and success.

Passion Led Us Here

Want to create a career you love?

You can explore what's possible and enhance your success as a leader and manager in your workplace. 

It takes a structure and support to generate success as an empowered manager. In my career I've relied on exploring coaching (and still do) to build my experience, collaborative processes, insight and ongoing creativity to succeed in managing all that comes with modern workplaces.

Frances Pratt Fervid Partners

Hi, I'm Frances Pratt, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Fervid Partners.

Conversations about creating a fulfilling career is exactly how I live my commitment for the world.


Work is such a powerful expression of yourself and a source of invaluable relatedness and I'd would be delighted to discuss what's important to you and discover what you want to generate for yourself and your life.

We will authentically explore your commitments as a manager, and what makes a difference in your leadership success, so you can get to what you really want for yourself and the people you work with. 

Work can be ­- and should be - a source of pleasure, achievement and fulfilment. 

Generate success as an empowered manager with collaborative processes, respect, insight and creativity.

Be powerfully in your capacity to harness the meaning and importance of work for you.

You can identify key sources of frustration, anxiety and opportunties to build performance, and overcome challenges through expanding your development and explore the fulfilment that is available to you!
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