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Launceston 10, 24 May & 7 June 2023

Psychodynamic principles equip you with the reflection and insight necessary for understanding the way in which the experience of work shapes a leader’s sense of self, beliefs and attitudes toward co-workers, and the meaning of the work itself.

The course illuminates the deep, underlying conditions for positive human interaction, and provides practical tools, strategies and resources to build and maintain a high performing and healthy workplace culture.

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Launceston 10, 24 May & 7 June 2023

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Kim Atkins
Education Partner

Dr Kim Atkins has been an academic philosopher for over 20 years.  She completed a PhD in philosophy at Macquarie University, and taught at Macquarie, University of Wollongong and University of Tasmania where she was adjunct Associate Professor of Philosophy for several years. 


Kim has published numerous research articles and is author or editor of several books including Narrative Identity and Moral Identity: A Practical Perspective, Self and Subjectivity, Practical Identity and Narrative Agency, and is lead author of Ethics and Law For Australian Nurses, now in its 5th edition with Cambridge University Press. 

Kim has over 10 years experience in senior management within the Tasmanian government, where she worked in health system management and strategic purchasing, and taught into the Tasmanian government’s Strategic Management and Leadership Program.  

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Frances Pratt

Managing Partner

Frances Pratt has over 20 years experience in senior leadership roles. She was the first CEO of St Vincent de Paul Society Tasmania Inc. and the State Manager for Business Development and Improvement for Anglicare Tasmania Inc. Recently Frances held the position of interim CEO of Laurel House; North & North West Tasmanian Sexual Assault Services Inc. 


Frances has a Bachelor of Commerce and post graduate diploma as a Chartered Accountant and worked in private practice for 7 years. Frances has held various community board positions across 20 years and volunteers ongoingly with international growth and development programs.

Most recently Frances has engaged in advocacy for equality, compassion and champions in society, she is the author of Graced with Womanhood and the YouTube Vodcast series: Beyond the Small Talk. Frances also contracted to Tasmanian Leaders Inc. to co-design and facilitate leadership development programs for new participants and ongoing growth for the alumni network.​


Engage Contemporary Management Philosophy & Psychology in Practice

Linda Proietti Wilson
Assistant Director of Nursing Palliative and End of Life Care
Dept of Health, Tasmania

Kim uses adult learning principles with great effect and she’s really approachable and tuned into trauma informed care. When Kim’s doing the training you know the content will be well researched and as a learner you’ll have opportunities to explore your own understanding of the topic and its relevance to you and how you can build on it if you you’ve identified some gaps, including confidence and know-how applying new techniques and concepts in your work area.

Prof. Jean-Phillippe Deranty
Dept of Philosophy
Macquarie University

On Psychodynamic Principles; New Insights to Empower You Success as a Manager


I find the program really well thought-out and constructed.I find it very exciting and well crafted, the synthesis of different literatures works really well. Manager’s role is not just in one-to-one relations with employees, but also in fostering healthy collectives.

Danielle Dal Cortivo
Managing Director
Kayo Consulting 

Frances is a collaborative, engaging and powerful facilitator. She has a natural ability to create spaces that generate authenticity, safety and deep exploration. She has a capacity for creating engaging and beneficial conversations, and asking questions that encourage profound enquiry and reflection. You will walk away thinking, acting and behaving in new ways! 

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