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Working with psychosocial safety: how to use principles from the psychodynamics of work

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Hello and welcome to the course. We are your instructors: Dr Kim Atkins and Ms Frances Pratt. We hope you find this short course engaging, enjoyable and useful. Please get in touch if you have any issues with the course or you would like to know more about working with psychodynamic principles. You can email Kim at: The psychodynamics of work is unlike any other approach to work that you may have learnt about – and that means you are going to learn a lot! This course is grounded in serious research from the philosophy and psychology of human experience, with a particular focus on the experience of working. This is a short course to introduce you to principles of the psychodynamics of work and show you some ways that these principles can be applied in the workplace to improve working life and create psychosocial safety. Even if you are in a great workplace, these insights will inspire new ways of making working life even better. The course is designed to build a different and deeper understanding of what working is so that workers and workplaces can grow and flourish through self-understanding, healthy relationships and shared problem-solving. There are four (4) modules, each with an audio presentation, downloadable resources, activities and multiple-choice quiz questions. You should complete the modules in order of 1-4 since each builds upon the previous module, but you can do them in any order. Participants need to achieve 80% in the quizzes to complete each module. You can have multiple attempts at the quizzes. When you complete all 4 modules you will receive a certificate of completion.

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