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Creative Working


Join us to uncover your real potential, unlock high performance, and build lasting well-being.

We will work with you to embed lasting cooperative processes that are reflective, recognitive, respectful and deliberative.

Benefits include:

  • Adaptability, innovation and workforce commitment are fundamental to organisational success

  • These are increadingly difficult tosecure in an environment of constantchange, fierce competitiveness, and short-termism

  • There's concern that current management practices are contributing to an epidemic of mental health issues

  • Contemporary ways of working arefailing to achieve lasting safety

  • Significant legislation to promote and protect psychosocial well-being in the workplace came into effect on 1 April 2023

  • Workplaces need to have processes that comply

Improve the quality of relationships, build trust and cooperation, energise and motivate staff, improve the quality of decisions, generate innovation.

Reduce workplace dysfunction, all while creating psychosocially safe environments in which everyone can feel in tune with themselves and at home in their work.



Developed and facilitated by the committed and experienced leaders at Fervid Partners,

Kim Atkins & Frances Pratt

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Contemporary and unique in its approach, this program is designed by Fervid Partners and is internationally peer-reviewed for a dynamic experience that meets the immediate needs of your organisation,
built into six key elements:

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More value for you

Achieve self-expression through meaningful & fulfilling work.

Experience deep, underlying conditions for positive workplace interaction.

Create safety & highly productive relationships, effective communication.

Think with rigour, drive innovation and be industrious.

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